About us



Traditional wine making in Nepal can be traced back to hundreds of years ago. Earlier wines were made from rice & millets. We started our research to make wines from fruits in early 1990s and discovered raspberries & barberry from our hills brings the perfect texture for wine lovers.




Hinwa was established with a passion to craft the highest quality unique wines from the juice of local indigenous barriers to satisfy each and every customer. Our goal is to offer a unique portfolio of wines that provides something for everyone.



Become Nepal’s Premier Winery and promote Nepali wine in global market place.



Our biggest strength are the people nearby our production house. They are our biggest contributor for supplying fresh hand-picked fruits from the wild hills during the season.

History of Hinwa

We are now a benchmark for organic wines in Nepal. While Nepal’s market is full with grape wines, we standout from the crowd because of our unique ingredients. We been recognized as one of the famous wine company in Nepal.

Our aim to get even bigger by exporting our wines in future. We might not be the best wine but certainly we aim to be the best from wild berries.

These years was a new trend in wine industry for Nepal. Wine culture was getting popularity. Our culture of living & visiting abroad influenced & turned youths to wine drinking habits. Nepalese market was filled with grape wines and the demand for wines was at high.

It was a real challenge for us supply the demand. Since we only make wines from hand-picked wild berries to keep up the production was a real challenge.

However due to enormous hard work & support from Makalu wine industries team & local community we were able to supply wines regularly.

To gain popularity of Nepali organic wine in an International Platform , Hinwa  had targeted to grow its brand name in Europe . However , Nepali organic wine popularly known for  ‘ Hinwa ‘ could not progress to grow its brand  in the international market  due to low production .

During 2010 , it is estimated to have about 12,000 bottles of Hinwa were sold every year .

The demand for wine started to grow inside Nepal. Nepalese started to get influenced by wine culture from abroad. Our commitment to produce wine & supply to the consumers was even more desperate.

Due to the political unrest at that time, production got little bit lower, however we continued to work even harder for better years to come.

In order to promote the organic wines made from indigenous wild berries of the Himalayas, research for wine making started in 1980s.

Our dream turned into reality since1994. Makalu Wine Industries, Sankhuwasabha feels proud to introduce Hinwa to the Nepalese market. Born in the eastern hills of Nepal, this year a new milestone was create for the wine making industry.

We started to manufacture with 90 cases and our journey timeline continues.


Our Winemakers

Ashraya Ranjitkar